IPTV WEb Player

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You can use this test user and pass
Test Username : test
Test Password : test

Or create line here to log into with user and pass created

Live strems(M3U8)
Video on demand streams(MP4, M3u8)
Import from youtube
Import from Archive.org
Responsive design for admin and front site.
Set specific time limit for yor front end.
Your users subscription will expire in the time you set.
Renew of extend you users lines in admin.
End any active subscription with 1 click.

This service is for panel only, No Streams or videos provided. we accept no responsibility for misuse . We do NOT host provide, archive, distribute, store, or stream media of any kind on our website. We do NOT own, control, manage, maintain, run or have any access to the servers.

Iptv web player

Iptv web player

Iptv payer for xtream ui, flussonic and many others

Upload your m3u's and watch in your browser.

You can also offer customers access to web player, you just need to create a line to allow them to watch.

You can sell your lines and setup limited duration of the line.

You can set to as lissle as 1 minute upto 100 years

Dynamic DNS Support

You can hide your server ip with a dns service.
Supports dns server such as https://www.noip.com/
Many other providers just google 'dynamic dns'

Brand new product April 2020

Please note this is in testing so errors may be present
IPTV player for Live and vod
Works with iptv panel and reseller panel

£30 for a lifetime license

Free updates for life
Never pay a penny extra,

Browser Support

Supports most modern browsers
Ipod touch
Samsung tablets
Samsung phones
Windows pc
Internet explorer
IOS Browser
Android Browser
Supports many many more devices that have a modern browser.


  • File Size : 40MB
  • Mysql Version : 4+
  • PHP Version : 7.0