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  • Mysql Version
  • PHP Version
    5.6 - 7.2
NEW Features

  • New modern theme(Theme 3 demo)
  • Advert overlay over Game.
  • Display closable ads to game overlay when tying to play a game
  • Once they close advert they can play game.,
  • PHP Arcade games Scripts V1.1
  • Optional with 22,000 + games
  • With 5,000+ Ad free games
  • You can install with 0 games or preload with the 22,000
  • Game pass to sell gaming subscriptions
  • You set price of plans
  • You set length of subscription, from 1 day to 100 years.
Advertisement in game site

Earn money from google adsense, bing and any other html based advert.

Once you have your ads ready you can show on pages.

In admin you can set how many games are shown before an ad is show.

This can be anything, you can even have ads after every game.

We normally suggest after 6 games to set an ad to show.

Star rating and comments

You users can leave their own star rating, with comment.

All html code is stripped from comments for security reasons.

Ajax post without refreshing page.

Star rating calculator to show average rating on all game listing pages.


  • PHP Arcade games Scripts
  • Add unlimited games
  • Game grabbers for json and site scrape importing
  • Free updates for life
Import thousands in minutes

  • We have successfully imported 25,000 in less than 10 minutes
  • Some providers have 500 to import
  • Import From lots of providers
  • GITHUB import
  • Json import from some providers
  • RSS import from some providers
  • Scrape from sites even if they do not have an json, rss or an other feeds

Key features

  • Admin panel to manage your games, ads and settings
  • Search function on site
  • Adsense or any other html code ads
  • Comments and rating system
  • Pre loaded with 22,000+ games